This site will be discontinued during 2023. Until then the content on this site is free. NoteShaper® videos will remain available free on our YouTube channel ‘NoteShaper®’. You may download, again for free, the Note Frames and other supplementary materials (Key Word Flash Cards, Crossword, etc.) from our Dropbox account: Have a great semester!!

Self-Guided Learning Systems

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Welcome to NoteShaper®!

NoteShaper®® is the video-based tutorial service supporting Simpson & Hancock's Practical Operation's Management. We provide hundreds of short video tutorials to assist you while studying! Resources available through NoteShaper® include:

  • A tutor explaining how to work each and every back of chapter practice problem.
  • A video-based version of each in-chapter scenario.
  • 'Companion Problems', or extra practice problems and tutorials.
  • 'Micro Lectures', or short explanations and worksheets that target select chapter concepts.
  • Downloadable spreadsheets that appear in the book.
  • Downloadable vocabulary 'flashcards' and more!

Paid subscriptions range from $10 for two days to $30 for 16 weeks, and are only needed to view video. Two example videos are available free through the left-hand menu of this page, as well as a tutor's advice on using NoteShaper® . Much of NoteShaper® itself can be browsed or downloaded for free at any time. Please feel free to explore our site and have a great semester!

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